PSA update

As of September 2, 2007, one of the 3D PSAs was transferred to the Second District: PSA 306, Dupont Circle, became PSA 208. Essentially, the Third District was overloaded, while the Second District – west of Rock Creek Park, the high-income neighborhoods of DC – was underworked. Cleaving off Dupont Circle, which has crime rates typical of the Third District, reduced the burden on 3D, and gave the bored officers in quiet 2D lots more to do.

“This change will help to resolve a workload imbalance between the Second District (2D), which handles just 4.5% of “Priority 1” (emergency) calls, and the Third District (3D), which currently accounts for over 21% of these calls. Similarly, 3D has 24.2% of the violent crime in the city, while 2D accounts for 3.2%. As the number of crimes has increased in the Third District, the amount of radio traffic has increased exponentially, reducing the effectiveness of police communications. Additionally, the strain on structural resources such as the use of district lockup facilities, report-writing rooms, and other elements of the police stations is similarly imbalanced in the present arrangement. Managerial resources will also be improved in the new scenario. The planned move will transfer a total of 78 personnel — including officers, sergeants, and lieutenants currently assigned to PSA 306 — to the Second District.” --

Here's the revised map of the Third District:

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